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We present Sinergia American Business, LLC: a company oriented to the selection of investment products for our clients.

Needs of our client

• Offer a team of professionals who can help our clients select the best option.
• Provide our customers with a simplified and secure investment scheme.
• Work in a close relationship between the investor and the seller.
• Present the information with complete clarity.
• Offer the most appropriate solutions.

Our investment products are mainly

The tourist business (Hotel, ApartHotel, Tourist apartments, Luxury villas ...).
Investment in trade of assured profitability (shopping centers, large stores and supermarkets with high guaranteed returns).
Soil for construction in high performance areas.

Our sources to offer the best investments are:
• Specialized consulting companies.
• Our own clients (companies or entrepreneurs)
• Investment Funds

What is our market?

We work with clients from three important markets, such as the Russian Federation, Europe (Spain and Portugal) and the United States (Florida). Our investment products are in:
• Spain, Marbella, Alicante (Costa Blanca), Barcelona, Madrid, Canary Islands and Ibiza
• United States, Miami, Florida
• Southern portugal

What do we ask our customers?

• A close and direct relationship that allows us to meet your needs in the best way.
• A collaboration and confidentiality agreement that allows us to provide you with all the information.

Confidence and time to do a good job.
• Are you a seller?
• We can offer you a special service to study your product as an investment for our customers.
• If you meet certain requirements, we will prepare an offer dossier at no cost to you with all the information our investors need.
• We guarantee absolute confidentiality and exclusivity in our work.

Where can you find us?

Our offices are in Miami (United States), and we have associate collaborators in Alicante and Valencia (Spain).