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Legal services

Our services for investors

All investments include the following services at no additional cost:

Legal advice

Count on our team of lawyers and lawyers to launch your project. I relied only on professionals with long experience and excellent reputation. We will plan your investment so that it is always within the framework of the law.

Financial and Fiscal Advice

We will find the best formulas so that your investment rents the maximum. If you need some type of financial product, we can also offer it and select the most interesting ones. And do not forget to optimize your taxation, planning correctly the payment of your taxes.

Wide selection of investments, in different sectors

The traditional investment sectors are very varied, and we can propose those options with which you feel more comfortable. Real estate investment? Tourism? High profitability trade? New technologies? Tell us what interests you the most.

Legal representation (For Spain, Portugal and USA)

If you wish to invest, it is mandatory to have a trusted legal representative. For this we offer this service. We will promptly inform you of everything related to your investment.

Opening of bank accounts

We have agreements with the most important banking entities and work with banks such as BBVA, Santander or Bank of America.

Creation of your company

For any investment we recommend having a company that is the support of your business. We help you create it, we provide you with a registered office, administrative management, and if necessary, even a work team.